2019 Summer Hall Residence
2019 暑期住宿

2019 暑期住宿申請表 
2019 Summer Hall Residence Application


Students interested in living in the undergraduate student halls shall read, understand and agree to comply with this Notes to ApplicantsResidents’ Handbook as well as the Rules and Regulations for Residents before submitting their application. 

截止報名日期  Deadline:
5pm, 15/04/2019

2018/19 Sem 2 UG Residence Application
2018/19 本科生下學期住宿申請

適用於現住宿生 For Current Residents 
[續住申請] 2018-19 本科生下學期續住申請表
Undergraduate Extended Residence Application
For 2018/19 Semester Two

適用於新申請者 For New Applicants
2018-19 本科生下學期住宿申請表
Undergraduate Residence Application
For 2018/19 Semester Two

截止報名日期  Deadline:
中午12 Noon, 30/11/2018