Open for application – Hall Ambassador Programme 2022/23
宿舍大使計劃 2022-23 招募

The Hall Management Unit (HMU) is now inviting all current undergraduate students to join the open recruitment of Hall Ambassador (HA) for 2022/23. HA positions are opened in both Residential and Amenities Complex (6/F to 19/F & 21/F) and Research Complex (8/F to 14/F).

Both local and non-local students with a sense of responsibility, positive attitude, and willingness to help others are welcome to join the programme!

Roles and Duties

HAs are expected to act as an effective communication channel between residents and other parties in HKSYU. You will work closely with HMU, Warden Teams and other HAs throughout the year. With a passion for cultivating a meaningful hall life, you will be responsible to organize hall activities and contribute to the periodic meetings. Moreover, an on-campus rotating duty (around 3 nights per month) will be assigned and shared with other HAs.

For more details of the scheme, please refer to the promotion leaflet .

Application Details

Application Period: From 23 May to 13 June 2022 (Monday).

Procedures: Please complete the online application form ( and submit it on or before the deadline 13 June 2022. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a Zoom interview which has been scheduled from 16 June to 22 June 2022.