Parent or Guardian’s Consent Form

The Parent or Guardian’s Consent Form has to be signed for the undergraduate hall application of freshmen aged under 18.

Room Swapping Online Application Form
Application period: your earliest check-in date to 12 February 2020

Room swapping application has to be submitted through this form to HMU during the application period. Both applicants have to proceed to HMU after three working days of the submission of this application form. If applicants fail to complete the room swapping procedures at HMU office within 14 days after lodgement of the application or on 17 February 2020 (whichever date is earlier), their application will be deemed to be withdrawn.

Address Proof Online Application Form

Please proceed to HMU for the address proof after three working days of the submission of this application form. 

Authorization Letter

Please send the Authorization Letter with the required documents to

Maintenance Request Online Form

Once the Maintenance Request Form has been submitted, the Facility Management Office (FMO) will arrange maintenance for the item(s) in your room/ common areas.

Application Form for Filming or Photo Taking in Student Halls

Should you need to film or take photos in student halls, please submit this application form at least three working days in advance.