Undergraudate Reseidence Information


Room Type and Accommodation Fee
Undergraduate Residence Halls mainly consist of shared rooms (2-person, 3-person & 4-person), with 2-person room and 3-person room being the majority. Hall application and residence fees are based on a semester basis. A limited number of single rooms are also available.
Each room is equipped with a standard set of furniture and air conditioning.

Research Complex

2-person Room* – Monthly average rate HK$1,900

3-person Room* – Monthly average rate HK$1,600

4-person Room* – Monthly average rate HK$1,300

Residential & Amenities Complex

2-person Room* – Monthly average rate HK$1,900


* The photos are for reference only. The unit displayed (in the photos) may not be representative of the actual unit which may be allocated to you.

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Apply for undergraduate residence:
– Local Freshmen – Non-local Freshmen – Current Students