Room Swapping Instructions

Request for Room Swap

1. Download and fill in the form UG004 – Room Swapping Form;
2. Follow the instructions and fulfill the requirements in the form;
3. Submit the completed form to Hall management Unit (RHB208) during working hours;
4. Result will be released within 3-working days.

Room Change Procedures

After room swapping is approved,
  together with your room changing partner, proceed to HMU office along with your student card and drawer key for updating your student card and collecting the new drawer key.

Important Notes

1. Residents’ access right to the residential hall will be expired after the room change procedure. 
2. A fine of HK$120 will be charged if residents cannot return the drawer key when changing room.
3. Residents are responsible for the damage or loss of the room facilities, and will be charged according to the Residence Penalty Reference for Room Facilities.
4. For resident that are not able to complete the room change procedure at the assigned date, he/ she can authorize personnel presenting his/her ID card for identification, and an authorization letter with the resident signature together with a copy of the resident’s HKSYU student ID card.