Room Swapping Instructions

Room swapping application is not applicable to whole residential period in year 2020/21.

申請調房細則  Rules for room swapping application :

UG002 – Undergraduate Hall of Residence Room Swapping Form 本科生宿舍調房申請表 ➤

1. 本科生宿舍調房的申請限期為閣下的最早入宿日起至2020年2月12日;
Room swapping application has to be sent through this online form to Hall Management Unit (HMU) starting from your earliest check-in date to 12 February 2020;
2. 每位宿生於住宿期內的每個學期只可申請調房一次;
Each applicant can only apply for room swapping once in each semester of the assigned residential period;
3. 調房申請只限兩間房間的宿生對調,該兩間房間須為同一宿舍大樓內的相同類別房間;
Room swapping application is only available to the swapping of residents in two different rooms. The two rooms should be in the same room type in the same hall building;
4. 調房申請必須為兩位申請人皆同意;
Room swapping application must be agreed by both the applicants;
5. 申請人須自行通知室友有關其宿舍調房申請。
Applicants should notify their roommates about their room swapping application by themselves;
6. 申請調房步驟Steps For Room Swapping Application

i. 兩位申請人須各自網上遞原有房間之本科生宿舍協議書及住宿登記表

Both applicants have to submit separately the online Undergraduate Residence Agreement and Registration Form of their original room.

ii. 兩位申請人可於申請限期前網上遞一份本科生宿舍調房申請表

Both applicants can submit an online Undergraduate Hall of Residence Room Swapping Form by the due date.

iii. 兩位申請人須於提交宿舍調房申請表至少三個工作天後,帶同學生證、及由宿舍管理部提供的所有鑰匙(如抽屜、大門及信箱鑰匙)到宿舍管理部辦事處(研究院綜合大樓高座RHB208室)辦理相關手續。如於提交本申請表十四個工作天後或2020年2月17日前(以較早日期為準)仍未到宿舍管理部辦事處辦理手續,即當作自動放棄調房申請處理。

Both applicants should proceed to HMU office (at RHB 208, High Block, Research Complex) with their HKSYU student card, and all keys provided by HMU (e.g. the key for drawer, room door and mailbox) after three clear working days of the submission of the application form. If applicants fail to complete the room swapping procedures at HMU office within 14 days after lodgment of the application or on 17 February 2020 (whichever date is earlier), their application will be deemed to be withdrawn.

iv. 到宿舍管理部辦妥正式交換房間手續後,兩位申請人須於三個工作天內為新房間網上遞補充協議書

Upon the completion of the proper room swapping procedures at the HMU’s office, both applicants have to submit an online additional agreement within three working days.


Important Notes

1. Residents’ access right to the residential hall will be expired after the room change procedure. 
2. A fine of HK$120 will be charged for each key if residents cannot return the drawer key, door key or mailbox key when changing room.
3. Residents are responsible for the damage or loss of the room facilities, and will be charged according to the Residence Penalty Reference for Room Facilities.