Move-out Instructions

Check-out Procedures

1. Make reservation for room inspection by staff from HMU;
2. Make sure all the decoration items, trash and personal belongings are cleaned;
3. Make sure all the personal belongings (including food, tools and utensils) from communal areas and facilities are removed;
4. Restore the room to original condition and close room windows and door when leaving;
5. Proceed to HMU with your belongings within the selected time slot. HMU staff will then come with you for room inspection;
6. Complete room inspection;
7. Go to HMU office along with your student card and drawer key for updating your student card and collecting the new drawer key.

Important Notes

1. Residents’ access right to the residential hall will be expired after the assigned check-out date. Resident that do not have late move-out permission will be refused entry to student residence. HMU reserves the right to enter these rooms, to clean up and to dispose any left behind items. Late move-out residents are subjected to fines and administrative charge.
2. A fine of HK$120 will be charged if undergraduate residents cannot return the drawer key when moving-out.
3. A fine of HK$120 will be charged for each key if postgraduate residents cannot return the door key and mailbox key when moving-out.
4.. Residents are responsible for the damage or loss of the room facilities, and will be charged according to the Residence Penalty Reference for Room Facilities.
5. For resident that are not able to complete the check-out procedure at the scheduled sessions, they may:

  • check out at an earlier day;
  • authorized personnel shall present his/her ID card for identification, and an authorization letter with the resident signature together with a copy of the resident’s HKSYU student ID card. The remaining balance in the resident’s card will not be refunded in this case.